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  • Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

    Rainbow Six will be out soon, so we have gathered a list of official Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay videos for...

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  • Rainbow Six Siege Trailers

    Rainbow Six will be out soon, so we have decided to gather all the trailers in one place for...

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  • PS4 Remote Play for PC, Plague Inc Multiplayer, RPG Teaches Acceptance of Death

    PS4 Remote Play Officially Coming to PC and Mac An announcement stating that PS4 remote play will be heading...

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  • 30 Million PS4s, Destiny Raid Bosses Challenge, December PlayStation Plus, Steam’s Autumn Sale

    30 Million PS4s – Sold Two years later, PlayStation 4 has passed the 30 million unit milestone. I’m not...

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  • Bloodborne The Old Hunters

    The Old Hunters it the first expansion for Bloodborne and will include a new world, new enemies, a new area...

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    The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth gameplay – Part 11 – FATE’S REWARD

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  • Destiny Refer-a-Friend, More BioShock Games, Bloodborne The Old Hunters Content List

    Destiny Launches Refer-a-Friend Reward Program Bungie launched a Refer-a-Friend program that allows for two players to team up and earn...

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  • Final Fantasy Explorers Jobs

    A new infographic with a list and details of all 21 playable job classes for Final Fantasy Explorers has been...

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  • Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer

    Square Enix released the announcement trailer for their upcoming game, Final Fantasy Explorers. The game focuses on cooperative play...

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  • Fallout 4 Ruins Lives, Battlefront’s Future, Overwatch Invitations, Mankind Divided Delayed

    Fallout 4 is already ruining lives Youtube channel Ranker has posted a video about how Fallout 4 is ruining...

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