Borderlands Humble Bundle, Free Blade and Soul, Witcher 3 DLC – Game Glance June 23

Borderlands Humble Bundle, Free Blade and Soul, Witcher 3 DLC – Game Glance June 23
June 24, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Borderlands and Charity Make a Handsome Mix

Borderlands has made its way to the Humble Bundle, so now is your chance to catch up on all the content and help charity at the same time. For those unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, you can select how much you want to pay and distribute the money where you want to amongst the developers, charity, and the Humble Bundle Team. Borderlands will be on the Bundle for two weeks, so don’t miss out.

Borderlands Takes Over The Humble Bundle

Free Blades and Free Souls

It has been confirmed. NCSoft stated that Blade & Soul will be launched as a free-to-play. All content can be purchased with NCoin which can be purchased with in game gold. So, to recap, in-game gold to NCoin to glorious free Blade & Soul content.
Blade & Soul’s Free-to-Play Business Model Detailed – IGN

More Free Witcher DLC

The next two DLCs in CD Projekt Red’s 16 piece series for the Witchter 3 has been announced and will include a new Skellige Contract and Skellige Armor. The content will be distributed this week, and you can look forward to more content next week.
New Contract and Armour Set Coming to The Witcher 3 – IGN

Demon Domination – Forget the Zombies

Gameplay for Shadow Warrior 2 was released today. You can watch Lo Wang dominate demons in the new open world levels. The gameplay is an action-packed fifteen minutes long.
This 15 Minute Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay Video Is Packed With Exploding Demons And One-Liners

Extreme 3D With Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden will be coming to your pocket and played on your 3DS. Bandai Namco has announced the game will be released this year.
Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Confirmed For Western Release

The Division Launched its Open Beta

Quickly, go sign up for The Division open beta. There are only a limited number of spots.
The Division’s Beta Sign-Up Website Is Live

Borderlands Takes Over The Humble Bundle

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