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    Loot Crate Unboxing: October 2015 – Time | a BEST UNBOXING VIDEO EVER video

    This is quite literally the BEST UNBOXING VIDEO EVER! Why? Because I don’t fumble around with a box for ten minutes and I just show what’s in the stupid box. Duh.

    Now if you want what is in this Loot Crate you can go sign up for one at lootcrate.com.

    So now I’m going to try my best and add as many keywords into this descriptions as I can because I read that long descriptions with a ton of keywords gets your video noticed or something? So I’m going to try to be as clickbaity as possible. Most people don’t read the description anyway and if you did read this description, tell me in the comments by saying your favorite ice cream and nothing else.

    Here is the BEST UNBOXING VIDEO EVER featuring the October Loot Crate filled goodies that I UNBOXED much like UNBOX THERAPY. You could say this was some sort of UNBOXING SIMULATOR but it’s just a UNBOX VIDEO on UNBOX YOUTUBE. It’s not an UNBOXING FAIL and it’s also not UNBOXING SKYLANDERS UNBOXING DISNEY UNBOXING TOYS or anything else but me UNBOXING LOOT CRATE in THE BEST UNBOXING VIDEO EVER by me CRAIG HOLLIDAY or THE MISTER HOLLIDAY. Just so we’re clear, this is the LOOT CRATE OCTOBER 2015 Loot Crate.

    Eh that’s all I got. Here are some keywords I didn’t use:
    unboxing iphone 6s,unbox therapy setup,unbox therapy headphones,lootcrate,loot crate time,loot crate back to the future,back to the future,best unboxing video ever,top unboxing video ever

    Welp, I think that’s long enough. Who knows? People might not read or even watch this. Worth a shot. Everyone should still send me free stuff though.

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