Delver (Early Access) – Rogue Week

Delver (Early Access) – Rogue Week
April 11, 2015 hollidaycraig
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We’re back with another life!

Join me back every single week for a new roguelike game and every single day for a new video of that week’s game!

About Delver

Delver is a first person action roguelike in development for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices.┬áThe game features retro style graphics and gameplay, with the ability to mod almost anything. Delve deep into the depths of a randomly generated dungeon with one goal in mind, get that ancient Yithidian Orb . Of course, this won’t be easy, there will be plenty of monsters in the way. Adventure through the dangerous dungeon, picking up loot along the way preparing for the battle against the dreaded lich . Will your adventure be a success, stories told about it for generations? Or will you be mocked and forgotten because of your failure? Your fate… awaits… (Delver Wiki)

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Delver’s Website

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