Destiny Taken King Content List, New Batgirl DLC, Playstation/Nintendo Prototype – Game Glance July 3

Destiny Taken King Content List, New Batgirl DLC, Playstation/Nintendo Prototype – Game Glance July 3
July 4, 2015 TheHollidayInn

A List of New Destiny Content

Bungie has decided to grace us with a list of content that will be included in their upcoming DLC, The Taken King, for Destiny. The DLC is expected to have as much or more content as the original game. And here is the list:

  • New story missions and an array of sidequests that conspire to tell the story of our battle to defend our Solar System against Oryx and his Taken army
  • New narrative driven by cinematic cutscenes starring an engaging cast of characters
  • New Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, and Exotic Questlines
  • The Dreadnaught, a full new destination, with unique secrets, rituals, and treasures to uncover
  • A new breed of enemy combatants, The Taken, armed with new abilities and weapons
  • An increased Level Cap, and new ways for your Guardian to grow more powerful
  • The most substantial injection of new, unique, and redesigned weapons, armor, and talents to date
  • New subclasses with all new Supers and abilities
  • New cooperative Strikes with unique and dynamic new Boss battles
  • Redesigned and reimagined Strikes – Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III – are now overrun by the Taken
  • New Crucible multiplayer maps with new Crucible modes, including the previously revealed Rift and Mayhem
  • And, of course, last but not least, our biggest six-player Raid yet

Bungie Weekly Update 07/02/2015

Batgirl Make Her Way to Akrham Knight

This July 14, you will be able to play as Batgirl when you purchase the first DLC for Batman Arkham Knight. Well, if you are a season pass holder of course. Everyone else will have to wait until the 21. The DLC also includes many new missions and a new story.
Batman: Arkham Knight’s first post-release DLC

So, Here is A Playstation/Nintendo

As the title says, the link below is a video of the Playstation/Nintendo prototype. This isn’t really news, but it is pretty sweet. Have a look.

Stop everything: there’s a video of the Sony/Nintendo PlayStation

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