Dota 2 Reborn, Arma 3 XPac, Gigantic Guardians, Sony with a No – Game Glance June 18

Dota 2 Reborn, Arma 3 XPac, Gigantic Guardians, Sony with a No – Game Glance June 18
June 19, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Dota 2 Reborn is in Open Beta

As discussed earlier this week, Valve has now opened up the beta testing for it’s next expansion for Dota 2. Reborn will run on Valve’s new Source 2 engine and features a massive upgrade to the UI and social features.

Valve opens up ‘Dota 2 Reborn’ to beta testers

Arma 3 to the South Pacific

Arma 3 fans, prepare to travel to the South Pacific. Bohemia Interactive announced the next expansion, called Tanoa, will take players to the new tropical lands. Also included are new vehicles, weapons, attachments, gears, and characters.
Arma 3 Goes to South Pacific With New Expansion at E3 2015

Unleash Your Guardian with Gigantic – Across Platforms

Developer Motiga has created what they call a “free-to-play shooter MOBA” game. Two teams of five will be place against each other alongside a giant monster called a Guardian. The game will be released on Xbox One and PC and will be cross-platform.
Gigantic Offers Colorful Cross-Platform Play On Xbox One and PC

Sony will Focus on the Future, not the Past

Coming after Microsofts announcement of backwards compatibility, Sony has stated they “think” will not be supporting backwards compatibility. Keyword here is think. I’m sure if Xbox One does well with this new feature, we will hear some change from Sony.
Sony Responds to Xbox One Backward Compatibility News

A Game That Goes Deep and Touches All Four Senses

In a new Indie Game, Beyond Eyes, players will play as a ten-year-old kid, Rae, who has lost her sight. Only things that near that Rae can interpret will be shown as the player travels through a vast white plane. Some object may appear to be one thing, but as Rae uncovers more information, they will change. For some deep meaning and new mechanics, definitely check out this game.
Beyond Eyes shows how sight isn’t just about seeing

The Long Dark Takes Minecraft to a new Level

With a simple system, eat, sleep, stay warm, and build things, you would think surviving would be easy. But, with The Long Dark, you quickly lose such notions. In this game, you will be placed in a snowy land, and your mission is to seek shelter and survive. The game will also include a story mode with a little more guidance.
E3 2015: In The Long Dark, What Kills You Makes You Stronger – IGN

Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates will be heading to North America in 2016. This will be the 12th game in the Fire Emblem series and will follow the conflict between two factions: Hoshido and Nohr.
A Massive War Brews In New Fire Emblem Fates Trailer And Screens

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