EA’s Gamescom Conference, New Dragon Age DLC, Attack On Titan Game, Some Blizzard News from Gamescom

EA’s Gamescom Conference, New Dragon Age DLC, Attack On Titan Game, Some Blizzard News from Gamescom
August 6, 2015 TheHollidayInn

EA’s Gamescom Conference 2015

On the second day of Gamescom EA gave us much to look forward to. They detailed a new game mode fo Star Wars Battlefront, showed off more of the beautiful Unravel. There was a mention of a Mass Effect styled mech in Plants vs Zombies as well as a new expansion for Sims 4. Let’s not forget theStar Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire received some new characters.

What you need to know


Descend into the Deep Roads new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC

Next week, Dragon Age fans will be able to explore the Deep Roads in a new Dragon Age DLC called the Descent. Prepare to fight tons of Darkspawn with some new companions.

What you need to know

  • The DLC launches next week
  • Check out the trailer below

Anime Attack on Titan Turns Gets A Game

Following a successful run in the form of anime, Attack on Titan will be transformed into a game and the developers are from the makers of Dynasty Warriors. As of now, the game is planned for PS4 and the only other details come from a teaser.

What you need to know

Dynasty Warriors Developer Announces Attack On Titan Game For PS4

Heroes of the Storm Gets New Characters and a New Map

To continue the Eternal Conflict event, Blizzard has added Diablo III’s Monk as a playable character who will play support for teams. Joining the Monk is Rexxar, a ranged warrior with a bear companion, and StartCraft’s Artanis, a close-range warrior that you can acquire when pre-ordering StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. A new map called Infernal Shrines has also been added. Players will fight for control over three shrines and will have to fight bosses when activating the shrines.

What you need to know

  • Three new characters join: Diablo III’s Monk, Rexxar a ranged warrior with a bear companion, and StartCraft’s Artanis
  • There is a new map called Infernal Shrines

Heroes of the Storm Adds New Map and StarCraft, Warcraft, Diablo Characters

Overwatch Rhythm Character, Destiny Gun Try-Outs, New Legend of Zelda for 3Ds

To round up this rather lengthy day in news, here is the remaining things you should know

What you need to know

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  1. […] you delved into the Deep Roads called The Descent, has launched today. The details were announced earlier, so be sure to read up if you missed that. Or, just buy the game and play! The expansion includes a […]

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