Final Fantasy Explorers Jobs

Final Fantasy Explorers Jobs
November 20, 2015 TheHollidayInn
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A new infographic with a list and details of all 21 playable job classes for Final Fantasy Explorers has been released by Square Enix. The Final Fantasy Explorers Jobs infographic show us some jobs that are new to the franchise, like the Machinist,  and some that are old classics.

Final Fantasy Explorers Jobs

  • Knight – In addition to attacks, Knights boast numerous defensive abilities.
  • Thief – Thieves posses the unique ability to steal from enemies, allowing players to pilfer a variety of materials.
  • Dark Knight – Dark Knights use powerful scythes to cause tremendous damage, making for a perfect heavy hitting attacker.
  • Ranger – Rangers specialize in long-distance physical attacks with a multitude of abilities that inflict status ailments on their foes.
  • Bard – Bards enhance their comrades’ abilities from the rear ranks by playing special songs using their instruments as weapons.
  • Samurai – As an all-range attacker, Samurai wield katana and have an exceptionally high damage output.
  • Ninja – Ninjas use their vast number of combat enhancing skills, high speed, and high evasion to confound the enemy.
  • Paladin – Paladins may move slowly, but are ideal in creating an impenetrable barrier with their physical and magical attack, and high defense power.
  • Monk – While Monks have low defense, they overwhelm their foes with ferocious physical blows.
  • Dragoon – The greatest asset of Dragoons is their Jump attack, leaping high in the air before plummeting down on enemies with incredible speed.
  • Sage – Sages have the highest magical attack and healing power, and can use their Concentrate ability to enhance their own skills.
  • Machinist – Machinists use guns for long-range attacks, inflicting status effects on the enemy and enhancing their own combat power.
  • Red Mage – Red Mages are skilled equally in magic and swordsmanship, using their Chainspell ability to create powerful spell combinations.
  • Alchemist – Alchemists are experts when it comes to using items combining attacks with alchemy to react to a variety of different situations.
  • Beast Master – Despite a slower attack speed, Beast Masters user their powerful axe to pack a real punch.
  • Freelancer – Freelancers are not particularly gifted in one field, but have great freedom in abilities and gear they can equip.
  • Geomancer – The Rune Strike, a special ability of Geomancers, takes time to charge. But raises their magic power with each hit.
  • Time Mage – Time Mages aid their comrades with a plethora of time manipulation spells, such as Haste and Slow, and offensive magic, such as Gravity and Meteor.
  • White Mage – White Mages specialize in healing and support to aid their comrades in a tight spot.
  • Black Mage – Black Mages are experts of offensive magic, raining damage on their foes from afar.
  • Blue Mage – Blue Mages have a unique ability to learn and master techniques used by the enemy, allowing them to fulfill many different roles.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be available on January 26th, 2016 (NA) and 29th January 2016 (EU) for Nintendo 3DS. Read more on the official site.

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