Free Rainbow Six Beta Code, MGS V Game Bug, The Shire in Minecraft, Activision Cinematic Trailer, Ubisoft Backwards Compatibility

Free Rainbow Six Beta Code, MGS V Game Bug, The Shire in Minecraft, Activision Cinematic Trailer, Ubisoft Backwards Compatibility
September 9, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Free Rainbow Six Siege Beta Code on IGN

IGN is giving away Beta Codes to Rainbow Six Siege. Head over to grab one for yourself.

Grab a Free Rainbow Six Siege Beta Code for PS4, Xbox One or PC

Apple TV Support Gaming, New Remote and $150 Price Tag – Maybe

These rumors will most likely be confirmed or denounced tomorrow, but according to a insider, the new Apple TV will display higher quality graphics for gaming, a new remote that also works as a controller, and the App Store integration. The new Apple TV is speculated to cost $150.

Apple TV Gaming Device Will Cost Around $150, Says Report

Release Date for The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

CD Projekt Red stated that the next expansion for Withcer 3, Hearts of Stone, will launch October 13 and include over 10 hours of new content and a new Runewords system. CD Projekt Red also released new screenshots and a trailer.

Metal Gear Solid V Game Killing Bug

Be on the alert, Metal Gear Solid V players. If you use Quiet as your buddy in mission 29 or 42, you may lose your save. Konami is hard at work on fixing the bug.

Konami Warns Of Game-Breaking Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Bug

The Shire Beautifully Crafted in Minecraft

For such a low-fi game, players can make some amazing things in Minecraft. This use remade the Shire from Lord of the Rings in great detail. Checkout the images on Imgur.
The Shire in Minecraft

FIFA 16 Demo Released

For almost every console, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 and PC, a demo is now available for FIFA 16. EA announced the demo’s release today stating that payers will be able to try the Kick-Off Mode, Ultimate Team Draft, FIFA Trainer and skill games.

Activision Releases a Cinematic Trailer for The Taken King

Destiny’s next expansion is almost here. To help prepare you for the story, Activision has released a new trailer to bridge the cap. Gamespot also included a great roundup of all the new changes in the link below.

Destiny: The Taken King Cinematic Trailer Sets Up Story in 2 Minutes

Ubisoft Teases Some Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Ubisoft asked fans for which games to make backwards compatible for the Xbox one and has teased the following:  Assassin’s Creed,  Far Cry,  Driver: San Francisco, Prince of Persia, and Call of Juarez. Get ready to relive some Ubisoft games, Xbox players.

Ubisoft Teases Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Support for These Titles

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