Game Glance – June 9

Game Glance – June 9
June 9, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Microsoft announces a 1TB Xbox One with New Controller

The headline says it all (well, most of it). There will now be a 1TB Xbox One. This Xbox comes with a brand new controller that features some fined tuned bumpers and a some amazing audio features. With the new controller, and a headset plugged in, you will be able to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance by using the Xbox One’s settings menu.

Also, the old model gets a price drop. So, now if you need a second Xbox, because your girlfriend wants to play destiny with you, it is affortable.

1TB Xbox One and New Controller Announced, as 500GB Model Gets Price Drop

D&D Lovers, A New Game is Here for You

Set out on an adventure to find out what happened to your decimated guild in the Wizards of the Coat’s new RPG, Sword Coast Legends. The game will be set in the Dungeons and Dragons realm, of course. Check out the newly released trailer below. D&D RPG Sword Coast Legends Gets PC Release Date & Console Versions

Game Informer Lists the 2015 Video Game Release Schedule

Nothing much to explain here. Game Informer has updated their list of 2015 Video Game releases. Be sure to browse through and start your preorders (or add games to your wishlist for Christmas – it’s almost time)

2015 Video Game Release Schedule

September 17 will bring the 434th Pokemon Game

Okay, there aren’t 434 Pokemon games, but I’m sure we will get there eventually. Either way, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon has been announced in a new trailer. Included in this trailer are start Pokemon from all generations and legendary Pokemon. 

First Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Trailer Features Starters And Legendaries

Halo 5 Gets some Dragon Age Combat Love

Or, Star Wars: Republic Commando love. The new Halo will feature 3 companions that you will be able to control and give commands to. And, the companions will be included in the cut scenes, so feel free to get attached (until they die.. just kidding).

In Halo 5’s Campaign, You’ll Always Have Three Companions

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