Kerbals in Space, FFVII on PS4, Phantom Dust Update – Game Glance June 22

Kerbals in Space, FFVII on PS4, Phantom Dust Update – Game Glance June 22
June 22, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Explore Space on the PS4

Developer Squad and Flying Tiger will be bringing space exploration to the PS4. Their game, Kerbals, originally a PC, will be ported to the PS4. There is no set release date yet.

The Countdown To Kerbal Space Program On PS4 Begins

Before the Remake, get a Taste of the Original FFVII

Last week Square Enix announced they will be remaking FFVII for PS4. But, before that happens, the original FFVII will be released this Winter for $15.99.
Final Fantasy VII Arrives On PlayStation 4 This October

Phantom Dust not Actively Developing

Microsoft announced a revival of the original Phantom Dust game, but after separating from Darkside games, progress has started to slow down. Recently, Microsoft state Phantom Dust is not cancelled, but it is not being actively developed.
Phantom Dust Isn’t Canceled, But It Isn’t In ‘Active Development’

Rejoice in the Nostalgia of Older Games

There was a time when games were simple. They were small. Quick to beat. And sometimes, extremely difficult. However, the games have been stuff in closets and pushed under beds to make room for the newer consoles and games. Gamestop is assisting with this by selling and buying vintage games.
PSA: GameStop Expands Retro Games And Console Sales Nationwide

The Tomorrow Children is Coming this Fall

The Tomorrow Children, a game that features gameplay such as shooting, world-building, resouce gather and tower defense, will be released this Fall according to Q-Games.

PixelJunk Dev’s PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Gets Fall Release

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