New Destiny, VR Horror, and Characters from Hell (Diablo 3) – Game Glance June 17

New Destiny, VR Horror, and Characters from Hell (Diablo 3) – Game Glance June 17
June 18, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Virtual Reality will Bring New Horror

Capcom is developing a game, Kitchen, which was shown on to a select few on the E3 show floor. The game seeks to bring horror games to virtual reality using Sony’s Morpheus headset.

Imagine Silent Hills on PS4’s Morpheus VR… oh, that’s new horror game Kitchen

The Taken King is Destiny’s First Expansion

Destiny’s first expansion is coming this September 15. The expansion will release a large amount of content in comparison to the previous DLCs. Here is what you can expect:

  • Because you killed Crota, a new boss, Oryx and his Corrupted Taken armies come to take you on
  • Three new subclasses are coming
  • Stormcaller for Wizard that let you summon storms of electricity
  • Titans get Sunbreaker that has a bommerang hammer
  • Hunter will get Nightstalker with a glowing bow
  • Oryx will give boost to old enemies by corrupting them
  • Rift will be a new Crucible game type that will be capture-the-flag style

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Hell is Taking over Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard will be adding the Monk and the Skeleton King from Diablo 3 to the list of Heroes of the Storm characters.
Heroes of the Storm Adding Two More Diablo Characters

No Man’s Sky New Information

Hello Games continued its discussion at E3 on it’s new planetary explorer, No Man’s Sky. Here are some features of the new game:

  • There is no traditional story with cutscenes
  • Planets could take days to explore
  • The game will have a wanted level that will increase for depleting resources or killing creatures – sound similar to Assassin’s Creed
  • You can upgrade just about everything
  • There are three basic play modes: exploring, trading, and fighting
  • If you die, you will lose information your did not record in “The Atlas”

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