New Moving in Witcher, Killer Elephant Tembo, Necrodancer PS4 – Game Glance July 10

New Moving in Witcher, Killer Elephant Tembo, Necrodancer PS4 – Game Glance July 10
July 11, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Move in an All New Way with the New Witcher Patch

Character control is a large part of the gaming experience. The Witcher 3 developers recognize this and will be make some adjustments to how you control Geralt in an upcoming patch. Also, they made one million (hyperbole) other changes. The list is quite long, but the other major highlight is the sorting ability for inventory. Feel free to follow the link for the full list.

The Witcher 3’s “Major” Update Adds New Movement Option, Tweaks Horse Behaviour

All The Peanuts

GameFreak, the team who brought you Pokemon, has announced their new game’s release date for July 21. The game is called Tembo the Badass Elephant and features 18 levels off peanut chomping and stomping.
Tembo the Badass Elephant release date set this month

You Can Finally See Your Bounty Progress in Destiny

Yep, there will soon be a HUD that displays the progress of your bounties. Also, there will be a quest tab in the menu just like every other MMO. It is nice to see Bungie release this update. Also announced is that the upcoming story line will be more correlated with the Exotic bounties. Hopefully, this will help players progress their exotic collections.
Destiny: The Taken King Getting Quest and Bounty Overhauls

PS4 Finds Its Rhythm with a Necrodancer

Announced via Playstation’s Blog, Crypt of the Necrodancer, will be coming to PS4 and Vita. The game is a rhythm-based rogue-like game. Check out our gameplay to learn more. There is no release date yet.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Coming to PS4, PS Vita

A Space Mystery

A new game which allows players to explore an abandoned space station, listen to footage from its lost crew members, and solve the mystery of how the crew disappeared released some new gameplay footage today. And, there is no gravity.

A Video Tour Of Tacoma’s New Gameplay

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