One Shot Death Black Ops III, Friday the 13th Game, Bloodborne GoTY, Witcher 3’s New DLC Out

One Shot Death Black Ops III, Friday the 13th Game, Bloodborne GoTY, Witcher 3’s New DLC Out
October 14, 2015 TheHollidayInn
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One Shot and You’re Dead – Call of Duty: Black Ops III

In an interview with XboxAchievements, Jason Blundell stated that in Block Ops III’s new Realistic Difficulty, you have one point of life. If you are shot once, you are dead. He goes on to say that players will have to coordinate and be patient, very patient.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s “Realistic” Difficulty Is One Shot and You’re Dead

Friday the 13th Reborn as a Game

Gun Media is bringing back the mass murderer Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th in a new video game. They started a Kickstarter campaign today detailing their new game Summer Camp as an asynchronous multiplayer game where camp counselors face off against Jason.

A New Friday the 13th Game Is Coming

Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition Details

Bloodborne will releasing a Game of the Year Edition on November 25 along with a new expansion call The Old Hunters. Sony announced the new edition today and details on the upcoming expansion. Here is what Sony had to say:


“The Old Hunters challenges players to explore entirely new environments, including a monolithic clock tower, filled with Bloodborne’s traditional blend of risk, reward and frightening boss encounters,” a post reads. “In addition to new environments, you’ll also gain access to new outfits and weapons to bolster your beast-battling arsenal, including a fearsome new ranged weapon called Simon’s Bowblade.

“On top of this, The Old Hunters also offers players the ability to go native and transform into terrifying beasts.”

Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition Announced with Release Date

Halo 5 Multiplayer Playlists Revealed

Developer 343 Industries has details on the launch day matchmaking playlists for Halo 5. IGN has a huge detail list on the playlists and maps for each.

Halo 5 Launch Day Multiplayer Playlists Revealed

Witcher 3’s New Expansions is Out

The next expansion for Witcher 3 (and the first that is paid) is out today. The expansions add about 10 hours of content to the  game and explores the adventures of Geralt with a new companion.


Witcher 3’s First Paid Expansion Out Now

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