PS4 Survey, Mass Effect Without Shepard, Burnout Paradise for Xbox One

PS4 Survey, Mass Effect Without Shepard, Burnout Paradise for Xbox One
October 27, 2015 TheHollidayInn
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PS4 Survey Asking Select Users for Feedback

Sony is looking for feedback from a select few PlayStation 4 users. Those users have been sent a survey asking what features are important and what they would like to see in the future. Among those features are the ability to change the Network ID, custom backgrounds, hiding the library, and options for PS1 classics and PS2 classics.

PS4 Survey Asks if You Want to Change PSN ID, Have More PS2 Games, and Custom Backgrounds

Mass Effect Without Shepard Can Be Good

In October of 2012, BioWare announced that the next Mass Effect would be called Andromeda and would leave out the previous main character, Shepard.  Lately, fans have taken to Twitter to comlain about Shepard’s absence. Chris Wynn responded to the criticism on Twitter with this message:

“Be open-minded to a Mass Effect with no Shepard,” he said. “It can be good.”

Mass Effect was a great game, and Chris is confident that the universe can be expanded and great. Be ready for Andromeda to come in Fall 2016.

“Be Open-Minded to a Mass Effect With No Shepard,” Dev Says About Andromeda

Burnout Paradise will be Xbox One Backwards-Compatible

Burnout Paradise will be making its way to Xbox One in the form of backwards compatibility. Criterion Gams confirmed this on Twitter today, but did not state a release date.

As a reminder, more than 100 Xbox 360 games will be coming to Xbox One in November. Maybe we will see Burnout Paradise then.


Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Game Revealed

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