Redbull Destiny, Xbox Gold Games, and Overwatch Zarya Gameplay – Game Glance June 25

Redbull Destiny, Xbox Gold Games, and Overwatch Zarya Gameplay – Game Glance June 25
June 25, 2015 TheHollidayInn

You Now Have to Buy Red Bull for New Destiny Content

Well, you don’t have to, but if you want early access to an exclusive quest, you will need to buy a specialty Red Bull from 7-11. That’s quite specific. This seems to be pretty big news lately, and it should be. Allowing other consumer products this far into gameplay is interesting. Luckily, Bungie will release the quest to all users eventually.

You Can’t Play This Destiny Quest Without Buying a Redbull

More Gold with Xbox Gold

Xbox announced that will be releasing two new games every month, starting July, on its Games with Gold program rather than a new game and returning game. Here is the release schedule for July:

  • Xbox One
    • July 1 – July 31: Assassin’s Creed Black Flag
    • July 16 – August 15: So Many Me
  • Xbox 360
    • July 1 – July 15: Plants vs. Zombies
    • July 16 – July 31: Gears of War 3

Xbox Lives Games With Gold Gets Beefed Up For July And Beyond

Ms. Muscles in New Overwatch Gameplay

New gameplay has spawned from Blizzard for Overwatch showcasing Russian bodybuilder and laser wielding Zarya. She is a tank class with these monster frighting:

  • Her main weapon is a particle cannon with a continuous beam and a grenade mode
  • She has a shield that can absorb enemy attacks while increasing her gun’s damage
  • A shield can be use to create a barrier for teams mates
  • Graviton Surge is her ultimate ability which fires an agro induced projectile with damage over time

Zarya Muscles And Lasers Her Way To Glory In New Overwatch Video

Witcher 3 With More Updates

Patch 1.05 was released today for Witcher 3 and includes fixes for Potion of Clearance spells, UI adjustments, and many more. The developers of this game are doing great work for their user base.
The Witcher 3 PS4 and Xbox One Patch Released

Go Beyond Gotham on the iOS

For $4.99, you can play Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham on your iOS today. WB announced the game’s release and stated that it is similar, but not exact, to the full Lego Batman.
Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham Blasts Off On iOS

Begin your Quest in Dragon Quest VI on Mobile

Speaking of mobile games, Square Enix has released Dragon Quest VI on mobile devices for the low, low price of $14.99.
Dragon Quest VI Arrives On iOS And Android

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