Square Enix Remaking Old Games, Doom gets Alpha Test Dates, PlayStation VR DLC for Volume, Interview with Shenmue 3 Creator

Square Enix Remaking Old Games, Doom gets Alpha Test Dates, PlayStation VR DLC for Volume, Interview with Shenmue 3 Creator
October 22, 2015 TheHollidayInn
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Square Enix is Remaking its Old Titles

Square Enix announced today, and even stated in their annual report, that remaking their classic IPs along with smartphone versions of their games will be a focus in the upcoming years. They went on to say that they can modernize their old games, revitalise them for the new market, and even bring new experiences to those who have played before.

Square Enix is Planning to Remake More of Its Classics

Here are the Alpha Test Dates for Doom

Bethesda released more details on the upcoming closed alpha for Doom. The alpha will begin October 23 and will end on October 25. As mentioned previously, testers will play on a 6v6 deathmatch map called Heatwave and will be able to try out six weapons and two pieces of equipment. Bethesda all released details on some new items that will be included on the map. Here is what you need to know (written by Bethesda):

  • The Demon Rune, which can turn the tide of a battle by transforming a player into a bad-ass Revenant fully loaded with dual rocket launchers and a jetpack.
  • The Gauss Cannon, a high-powered weapon that can destroy a foe in a single blast.
  • Power-ups like Quad Damage and Invisibility – you can guess what each of these does.


Doom Xbox One/PS4/PC Multiplayer Alpha Test Dates Revealed

Volume Will get Free DLC for the PlayStation VR

Stealth Robin Hood game, Volume, will be getting a free DLC which will be a launch title for the PlayStation VR. Developer Mike Bithell announced the DLC today. The DLC called Coda, will take plast after the main story and include 30 new missions with new cast members. To accompany the announcement, Volume will be on sale or 30% off until November 4.

Mike Bithell’s Volume To Get Free Epilogue Chapter DLC First On PlayStation VR

Shenmue 3 Creator Discusses Many Game Features and Ideas

The game designer and director of Shenmue, Yu Suzuki, discussed some ideas for the upcoming Shenmue 3 during an interview with DualShockers. Suzuki discussed the user of Unreal Engine 4, the game’s Weather System, the AI Battling and much more. Read the full interview by clicking the link below.


Shenmue III Interview: Yu Suzuki Talks Gameplay, Tech, Romance, PS4, PC, Frame Rate and Much More

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