The Beginner’s Guide, Project Spark Goes Free, Fallout Anthology, PS4 Firmware Update

The Beginner’s Guide, Project Spark Goes Free, Fallout Anthology, PS4 Firmware Update
September 30, 2015 TheHollidayInn
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A Game with No Traditional Mechanics

Davey Wreden has announced is next project called The Beginner’s Guide. Wreden states that the game has “no traditional mechanics, no goals or objectives. Instead, it tells the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand.” Check out the upcoming game (coming October 1) on this new teaser website.

The Stanley Parable Creator Announces New Game

Project Spark Goes Free

Project Spark has an upcoming patch, and with that, has decided to make the game Free-to-Play. Starting October 5, the game will drop all microtransactions and open its platform to everyone.

Project Spark Going Fully Free, Some Buyers Being Refunded

Mini-Nuke that Contains all Fallout Games is Out

During QuakeCon, Bethesda announced a Fallout Anthology to include all Fallout Games that game before 4 in one mini-nuke package. Today is the release day for the Anthology and you can buy it here.

Fallout Anthology Out Today, Has All Previous PC Games in Fat Man Mini-Nuke

PS4 Firmware Update 3.0 Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sony will release new firmware for the PS4 to include several new updates such as sharing to Twitter, Youtube, New UIs and more. Here is the full list.

  • Sharing video clips to Twitter
  • A New Section for PlayStation Plus
  • YouTube Live to Broadcast Gameplay
  • Easier Messages and Favorite Groups
  • User Communities
  • Message stickers that feature Playstation games

PS4 Firmware Update 3.0 Release Date Revealed

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