VR with the Oculus and Mythical Football in Blood Bowl 2 – Game Glance June 11

VR with the Oculus and Mythical Football in Blood Bowl 2 – Game Glance June 11
June 11, 2015 TheHollidayInn

Virtual Reality is Here

The biggest news of today comes from the Oculus Rift’s press conference. This day, the eve of E3 2015, marks the state of a new world of gaming. Here is a summary:

  • Home is Oculus Rift’s Steam-like platform
  • Ratchet and Clanks Dev’s new game will be a Oculus exclusive
  • Xbox One games will stream to Oculus Rift and includes and Xbox One controller
  • The Oculus Touch will be the new controller for the Oculus Rift

Ratchet & Clank Dev’s Next Game Is a VR Exclusive

Forget the NFL, Try Blood Bowl 2

A new game, Blood Bowl 2, allows you to build a football team with mythical creatures. The game released it’s trailer today along with a release data, September 22. The trailer features random events, violence, and a rank based campaign as well as some mythical creatures playing pigskin.
Warhammer Meets Football In Blood Bowl 2, Releasing Later This Year

Shadow Warrior 2 Will Be at E3

Devolver Digital has confirmed that Shadow Warrior 2 is in development and should be releasing more details at this upcoming E3.

Shadow Warrior 2 E3 Reveal Teased

Jk, You Gotta Pay

So, turns out that you will need Xbox Live Gold  for Halo 5’s online campaign. Turns out that the free online was a misunderstanding.

Actually, Halo 5’s Campaign Co-Op Does Require Xbox Live Gold

After E3, Borderlands Episode 3

Now you have something to look forward to after E3 ends. Join Rhys and Fiona on their quest for loot on June 23 in Tales from The Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride. Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3 Launches Right After E3

New Mechanics for Street Fighter  5

Street Fighter was definitely one of the first computer games I played as a kid, however, I was never very good at it. The reason I tell you that is because there is a new video out detailing the mechanics of Street Fighter 5, and I don’t understand. But, if you like Street Fighter, check out the video.

Street Fighter 5: Your Expert Guide to What’s New

Darksiders Still Alive an Kicking

In a press release with Nordic Games, Darksiders 2: Dethinitive Edition was announced as well as plans for a “large-scale” Darksider project (maybe an MMO???). Maybe not, but we can all look forward to more Darksiders. Darksiders Still An ‘Active Project,’ More Games Under Consideration

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